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Huge, huge, huge “definitive” list of learning resources for programming. It gets updated in real time and uses the Github API too. It is massive.

This was linked from a comment on the /r/freecodecamp subreddit. I came across the Reddit post when I was doing a bit of research on Node.js + FreeCodeCamp.

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Preview image of book ~ not available yet as of July 2016

Aaah, I’m stuck on question 2 of Code Wars’ Python test! While researching the answer to this question involving __init__ I came across the blog of Jeff Knupp – he seems to write in depth with good analogies and code examples etc; also, an e-book by him is avaiable.

I’ve ended up going full circle; all the way back to Chapter 9 on Classes in the official Python documentation/tutorial. I think that is where I need to go next in my Python journey! [I also installed an Android app that is just basically the Python 3.5 docs – Little Drops]

The above picture is from the Python docs chapter about using Turtle to draw images. Also, while looking for a nice image to borrow for this post I came a Python and Blender based Procedural City Generator..

One more waffer thin link: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python!

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Freecodecamp clubs
Freecodecamp clubs

Wow! Actually, my exact words were “Oh my gaad!” or something; that was what I said when I started the next section at the start of my Freecodecamp journey – HTML elements. My surprise was at the big resources page called Let’s Explore the Universe of Programming which seems to have a ton of links to loads of free programming books and even free University courses!

This blog post is being written in the time I’ve set aside for “learning to code”. The philosophy I picked up from a Youtube video that featured Freecodecamp was to aim to do 25 minutes of coding a day; and to do 3 days in a row. Then 3 weeks in a row and then 3 months in a row. This is especially if you really want to code but you are finding it hard to get started or to focus etc.

It’s the first day of my second block of  3 days and I still haven’t actually done any coding yet! But, I have installed Gitter on my smartphone and joined the chatroom for Freecodecamp (don’t forget the Facebook page and the local clubs list with links to the Cardiff and Chepstow clubs and the FCC subreddit). So, in my last few minutes I am going to look at the first proper tutorial (which looks pretty easy if you’ve done lots of HTML before).

But I will definitely be going back and looking at the free Uni courses linked via FCC. But next I have to join the forum. And check The Changelog – a podcast all about opensource.

Ooh! Almost forgot to link the Github Readme on the main page.