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Huge, huge, huge “definitive” list of learning resources for programming. It gets updated in real time and uses the Github API too. It is massive.

This was linked from a comment on the /r/freecodecamp subreddit. I came across the Reddit post when I was doing a bit of research on Node.js + FreeCodeCamp.

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Python | Links | Learning App | Code Wars | Hitchhikers

Preview image of book ~ not available yet as of July 2016

Aaah, I’m stuck on question 2 of Code Wars’ Python test! While researching the answer to this question involving __init__ I came across the blog of Jeff Knupp – he seems to write in depth with good analogies and code examples etc; also, an e-book by him is avaiable.

I’ve ended up going full circle; all the way back to Chapter 9 on Classes in the official Python documentation/tutorial. I think that is where I need to go next in my Python journey! [I also installed an Android app that is just basically the Python 3.5 docs – Little Drops]

The above picture is from the Python docs chapter about using Turtle to draw images. Also, while looking for a nice image to borrow for this post I came a Python and Blender based Procedural City Generator..

One more waffer thin link: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python!

Makeuseof | Programming | Interview | Preparation

“Turtle can draw intricate shapes using programs that repeat simple moves.”

My Google Plus feed for Makeuseof recently had a nice guide to help when preparing for a programming interview. It also featured links to some websites to practice coding, such as:

Project Euler
/r/DailyProgrammer on Reddit

I’ll add these to my arsenal of learning programming resources. 🙂


White Helmets | Reading | Article | Website | Syria

The flag of Syria from the Wikipedia page

21st Century Wire has a long article about the “white helmets” in Syria. I shall have a read of this soon as I am trying to get my head around some of the information/mis-information/propaganda that is in newspapers and online.

Also, another website discussing deception in this conflict is The New Arab.

I’ve not read these pages thoroughly yet but I can say that it is all very complicated indeed. Also, I might have a look at Why We Protest discussion forum.

Programming | Cool sites | Web Development

Lots of resources at Study Web Development

Thankyou to for the 3 website suggestions:

  • – Let’s you see what programming languages and frameworks are used on any website.
  • – This is such a cool app to practice your coding skills and to help you code faster.
  • – See what frontend web technologies will work on most of the browsers.

Autism | Emotions | Duality | Reddit (draft)


Close up of woman's eye
This is a PNG rendered from a SVG vector file from the Open Clipart website –

Autism – two states – up/down – happy/sad – joyful/depressed. I used to feel that it was due to some kind of bipolar disorder. But it seems that I’m learning that autism can cause this “fault line”. So rather than have many emotional states with lots of shades between hyper and hypo there seems to be just two states – up and down. Or happy and sad. No subtle levels of emotion in between. Or so it seems anyway.

There may be a third level – neutral/level/ambient. Maybe it’s just the emotions that vary from the neutral state that are extreme or polarised.

Update: after discussing this concept with someone I need to include the idea that subtler emotional states are all there but are not seen externally. These other shades exist internally but might not be outwardly expressed. It seems with autism that the “Theory of Mind” idea causes a flipside problem – we feel that others can see our emotional and mental states; we feel exposed so we try to hide our inner selves and squish those delicate emotions.

And even that can be seen as a Theory of Mind problem – because, if you think about it, that can be seen as another failing in the ability to intuit another person’s thoughts. In short, poor understanding of another person means we think that they have a great understanding of us. What a mess!

Autism subreddits:




War | Syria | Videos | Youtube | Playlist

After you have searched for something on Youtube you can choose different filters such as to only find playlists – instructions.

So I searched Syria Aleppo and it came up with quite a few playlists but mostly war footage by the look of it. Here I’ll just embed the playlist created by Vice magazine for films they’ve made in the region.

Also, if you want to embed a playlist you get the code exactly the same way that you get the code for a single video – just click “Share” and then you can choose which video the playlist will start from.

WARNING/DISCLAIMER: I haven’t watched this playlist yet but I have seen some of the Vice films before and the chances are there will be a lot of very graphic and disturbing content, so please be careful if you intend to watch these videos.

Update: I have watched most of this playlist and some of the content is extremely graphic and disturbing.