Linux – Urban Penguin – Youtube Playlist

Urban Penguin
Urban Penguin

The Urban Penguin has lots of really useful playlists on his Youtube channel. They cover all the stuff you need to know about Linux/SysAdmin etc. I’ve not checked it out yet but there’s one playlist that has 70 videos to help you with LPI certification.

(LPI = Linux Professional Institute, by the way – )

Note: The Urban Penguin dude is also an author of loads of Linux books, such as Mastering Lunix Shell Scripting.

While searching for the above, I just came across an online book for Shell Scripting that looks great too.

Garth Hill | Taffswell | Taff’s Well | Google Maps | Map

There is a BBC article that details the route to the top of Garth Hill.

Useful link for OS maps:

Open Data Viewer (or, in simple terms, a map (one that you can search by OS reference )

Grid Reference Finder (this is great because as well as searching by grid ref you can right click on map and it will give you the grid ref!)

So, there is Llancayo house! SO 36770 02979 (simple terms SO 36 02 – area SO 36 across, 2 up)