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Huge, huge, huge “definitive” list of learning resources for programming. It gets updated in real time and uses the Github API too. It is massive.

This was linked from a comment on the /r/freecodecamp subreddit. I came across the Reddit post when I was doing a bit of research on Node.js + FreeCodeCamp.

git:logs ~ The definitive list of resources & topics you need to know

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Preview image of book ~ not available yet as of July 2016

Aaah, I’m stuck on question 2 of Code Wars’ Python test! While researching the answer to this question involving __init__ I came across the blog of Jeff Knupp – he seems to write in depth with good analogies and code examples etc; also, an e-book by him is avaiable.

I’ve ended up going full circle; all the way back to Chapter 9 on Classes in the official Python documentation/tutorial. I think that is where I need to go next in my Python journey! [I also installed an Android app that is just basically the Python 3.5 docs – Little Drops]

The above picture is from the Python docs chapter about using Turtle to draw images. Also, while looking for a nice image to borrow for this post I came a Python and Blender based Procedural City Generator..

One more waffer thin link: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python!

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“Turtle can draw intricate shapes using programs that repeat simple moves.”

My Google Plus feed for Makeuseof recently had a nice guide to help when preparing for a programming interview. It also featured links to some websites to practice coding, such as:

Project Euler
/r/DailyProgrammer on Reddit

I’ll add these to my arsenal of learning programming resources. 🙂


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Lots of resources at Study Web Development

Thankyou to for the 3 website suggestions:

  • – Let’s you see what programming languages and frameworks are used on any website.
  • – This is such a cool app to practice your coding skills and to help you code faster.
  • – See what frontend web technologies will work on most of the browsers.