Nolstice Soctilucence

The above pic is mine; but someone in the Netherlands also snapped the Noctilucent clouds on the same night – 21st June 2019

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Plus this tweet and this tweet that links to this article

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Sky at Night | Web Extra | Star Guide | Summer | Juno

This is the extra content for the Sky at Night (10th July 2016). The Perseids meteor shower will be visible from July 23rd to August 23rd 2016. The peak is the night 10/11th, 11/12th, 12/13th and 13/14th August – from 1:00am until dawn.

This week’s episode was all about Juno. The speed at periapsis is 165,00 mph!

Discussing Juno and Jupiter
Juno scientist Fran Bagnell talking to Chris Lintott about the immense speeds, intensity and danger that Juno will endure as it zooms around Jupiter.